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Robotic Camp 2018 - Manny and  3 kids on
Robotic Camp 2018   - Mr Manny how do yo


Emmanuel S. Wignall, (Manny Wignall), is the Founder and CEO of Vitrio Technology.  He is a seasoned LEGO® Robotics Instructor, and a former  LEGO® competitive team member and coach.


Manny has been teaching, leading, and inspiring kids in STEM since 2014 when he began teaching Homeschool kids LEGO® Robotics as a home-based

summer program.


Since that time, Manny' work with kids and LEGO® Robotics has evolved to include; volunteer mentor with the Fern Bank Science Center Links Dekalb County Robotics mentoring program, lead teacher and

facilitator for the Links Robotics Team 2015 Fern Bank Science Center Summer Robotics camp, LEGO® Robotics coach, and privately contracted LEGO® Robotics Camps and in-school STEM instructor, and

Founder, Vitrio Technology

In the fall of 2018, Manny officially launched Vitrio Technology, a STEM Education Company, with the goal of expanding STEM-related programs and services to kids 6yrs and older.


In addition to the standard LEGO® Robotics teaching

platforms, Vitrio Technology training curriculum has expanded to include; I Design (Video Game Design), 3D Animation, and The ART of STEM, and In-School "After School STEM " programs.


Educated as a Homeschool student, Manny is a former competitive Jr. Golfer with Atlanta Jr. Golf, and a graduate of Konos Academy. He is currently pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering.