We conducted STEM Camps in 4 locations

                                                         Peachtree City, Historic College Park, Newnan North, and Historic Newnan

                                       Manny Wignall, Vitrio Technology Founder conducted the LEGO Robotics Camps, 

                              Dillan and Mia, taught Intro to Game Design Camps, and Patricia taught the Art of STEM in French Camp

                                                                    Nathaniel assisted Manny with LEGO Robotics

                                          (Note: our photo gallery contains lots of pictures. We selected just a few to showcase)


Robotics camp 2018 - Boy-Girl Girl Think
I Design Camp - AT the Board with
Robotics Camp 2017  #  10-A.jpeg
Roboticscamp2018- Boys handling the busi
Robotics Camp 2017  # 32.jpeg
Robotics Camp - 3 Kids Working together.