In-School STEM Programs for kids

                                We give them the tools, they organically do the rest,

                              Creating infinite possibilities


“The goal is to encourage the students to process their tasks independently with minimal outside guidance.

This allows them the opportunity to develop long term and sustainable problem-solving skills, create greater internal capacity,

understand and leverage their individual strengths, and encourages their creativity and understanding of applied process".

Vitrio Technology focuses on teaching the introduction and hands-on application of LEGO® Robotics and other STEM-related systems. Our teaching curriculum incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in the learning process. The programs are specifically designed to introduce, encourage and expand the student's interest in STEM education while making a measurable academic impact in science and math. Students practice creative thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, unlimited design, engineering functions, and a host of creative possibilities. We seek to empower and prepare kids to be innovators and leaders in the

21st Century. 


Fall 2019 we will offer the core LEGO Robotic System, integrated with a State-approved STEM curriculum

incorporating Introduction to Engineering, Physics, and Higher Math.

LEGO Robotics & LEGO Simple Machine

Introduction to Engineering


Art of STEM (Spanish/French)  

2nd language curriculum.              


 I-Design, (Introduction to 3D, Animation, Video Game Art)  

3D Animation, Game Art, Game Development.  


These on-site courses are structured to meet the specifics needs of the Public, Private, or Homeschool STEM

curriculum. Program costs varies and are based on curriculum, length of time, and the number of students.

Please contact us by phone or e.mail to schedule an appointment,  a "workshop",  or to discuss your

school-specific requirements. We look forward to working with your school.